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There was…

Poem byChoman Hardi. Part of poem collection Life For Us (2004)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Short story written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Part of short story collection Tales of the Jazz Age (1922)

Sac de Billes

An extract from “Sac de Billes”

Letty’s Globe

Letty’s Globe: Or Some Irregularities in a First Lesson in Geography When Letty had scarce passed her third glad year, And her young artless words began to flow, One day we gave the child a colored sphere Of the wide Earth, that she might mark and know, By tint and outline, all its sea and […]

Heart of Darkness

This is a short intro. Please change me.

We Need to Talk about Kevin

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Welcome to our growing library of online anthologies produced by students of Comparative Literature at QMUL. Spanning the cultural cosmos, these anthologies bring together a selection of texts, ancient and modern, from near and far. Each one is accompanied by an introductory survey essay and a series of enlightening commentaries.